New release: 5.19 with timeline event connections, cursor time indicator and print module improvements

Happy to introduce event connections to the timeline view, cursor time indicator and other quality of life improvements.

Showing event connections and dependencies

Events can now be connected with simple, directional or bidirectional lines. You can pass the connections as a simple data structure that expects a from, to and optional color, arrow and cssClass properties. It works with eventIDs, any color, from/to or bidirectional arrows and a cssClass for things like dashed lines. The lightweight SVG connections are generated on the fly, so if you move events around, the connections will be updated on drop.

Use event connections to show dependency, sequencing or any kind of connection that is relevant to the use-case. You can get creative and dynamically change the color of the connections on event hover, or show/hide them dynamically to show event clusters.

Play around with this live example, start moving the events around and see how the connections are updated.

Event connections

Cursor time indicator for the scheduler and timeline

Besides the live current time indicator that is available in the timeline and scheduler components we are now showing the time indicator where the mouse cursor is positioned. This will not just help people get a better sense of the event times they are about to create but is useful on event resize. It follows the same stying as the live time indicator, so it’s not distracting but it is there when someone needs it.This feature is active by default, you should be able to see it for ever scheduler and timeline starting with 5.19.

Cursor time indicator

Simplifying programatic navigation to events

We frequently come across situations when we have to navigate to a specific event. Maybe it’s a notification or maybe the user just needs to see it. With the new navigateToEvent method we simplify the code for programmatically scrolling to a specific event. This was previously only possible by getting the start time of the event and using the navigate method to move the view.
Both methods work, this is just a new and simpler way of doing it.

Print module improvements

We have added a number of fixes and improvements to the print module making for nicer PDFs and printed pages across the event calendar components. This makes the print module a little better by smoothing out some rough edges.

What’s next?

We are working on new templating capabilities, simplifying planning for long projects that span weeks or months and even years with the timeline view and cooking up some useful examples for real-time filtering and search.

For a full list of changes check out the release notes and download the latest version.

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