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Getting input validation right

How good your validation is correlates with form completion and indicates how helpful you are. I was going through a vehicle registration a couple of years ago. It was a hot summer Friday and everyone was mentally in the weekend. At some point the person at the desk says that the data cannot be submitted. […]


Designing with jobs in mind

We are big fans of the jobs-to-be-done theory at Mobiscroll and we believe that focusing on the job customers are hiring our products to do is better than focusing on what they tell us. To get familiar with jobs, you should check out this 5 minute video and for a lot of great content […]


15 tips for building better products

We’re in it to build better products for our customers and make their lives better. What makes certain products stand out? There is no easy answer… There is also no single way to build a successful product, so here are 15 tips – in no particular order – for building better products. Lower the cognitive […]


Microinteractions Can Be Big

“Microinteractions are all around us, from the turning on of an appliance to logging into an online service to getting the weather in a mobile app. They are the single use-case features that do one thing only.” Dan Saffer – (Microinteractions) How do you know when you have a new notification? How do you turn […]


Dark Patterns

More companies join the dark side because there is candy. So if your boss tells everyone the goal is to increase conversions and revenue no matter how, what is that you do? It’s in your power to do good or join the dark side. As Harry Brignull from puts it: “A Dark Pattern is […]

product imporvement

Building and improving your product

When building a product, the main thing worth focusing on is the experience, the product itself. Marketing and sales techniques can surely add value and increase the conversion rate or pump up the numbers, but at the end of the day what matters most it’s the product itself. “If you’re opening a hot dog stand, […]

Bots personality

About a bot’s personality

Although conversational user interfaces (CUIs) aren’t completely new, just remember Microsoft Office assistant Clippy, the often unsolicited, annoying paper clip 📎 we can observe that lately they’re becoming sharp-witted, useful and also building their own personality. Where the nice CSS, layouts and design elements aren’t used and necessary, the right words, expressions and the proper […]