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The Benefits of Javascript Mobile Calendars

Many businesses depend on mobile visitors and are making the decision to move their personal calendar of appointments and events from their desktop to a Javascript mobile calendar. We manage our lives on the go from our phones. Because of that people are finding the Javascript mobile calendar to be easy to use and more […]

Weather App Demo

We’ve been all using weather apps, and there is a ton of them out there. It is something that we check when we wake up, during the day and just before we go to sleep. Weather is important to us. The Weather App We created a Weather App using Mobiscroll components to demonstrate how you […]

Mobiscroll Theme Builder

One of the greatest advantages using Mobiscroll Components is the capability of theming. The Problem You have full control on how each element looks and feels. While developers have the possibility of building a custom theme with CSS, they usually don’t do that because it’s not that straight forward and custom CSS needs to be […]

The power of building with open

What is open technology? Open technology is based on openly distributed specifications. During this post, when I say open tech, I’m referring to the open web and technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is certainly not a post or debate about native vs web, but is a view of the current state and future […]

Data picking in color

Everything is better in color! That’s why we spiced up the Windows Phone themes with Accents. The WP themes now support 20 different new colors. Based on the Windows Phone Theme specifications we enhanced our version of Widows Phone Light and Dark themes to support accents. The accent color is the color that is applied […]

Introducing the Mobiscroll Calendar

If you like the Date & Time Scroller, you’re gonna love this one! But honestly who doesn’t. It was our first component, and it enjoys the most widespread usage to date. Date & Time on Steroids We’re introducing the Mobiscroll Calendar! It is a blend of a regular Calendar and the Date & Time Scroller. […]

Mobiscroll 2.4 Released

Mobiscroll 2.4 got recently released. Here is an overview of what got changed, and what is new. Rendering the wheels We changed how we render the scrollable lists. Instead of using <ul> and <li> elements we enclose the displayed values in <div>s. This changed a bit how the code generates the lists, but it makes […]

An apology

Hello everybody. Yesterday evening was a bad one for our mailer service. We were supposed to send out a brief reminder about the welcome coupon expiry. We automated this task, so everybody can get it in the right time. Everything seemed to be fine up until yesterday 5PM UTC. For those who’re interested we run […]

Mobiscroll 2.3 released

With Mobiscroll 2.3 upon us let’s see what changed, got better and what is new. Shorthand initialization for mobiscroll components. Mobiscroll delivering a wide range of functionality, it started to make sense to package the presets into independent components. Rather than being able to customize one control to solve different problems we thought to make […]