New release: 4.0 beta 3 with new rating control

We are closing in on the final release with version 4.0 beta 3, shipping several improvements, fixes and new functionality. Calendar, Event Calendar and Range We have added proper keyboard navigation and improved accessibility, pushed everything up to date with standards. Besides that the Event calendar received all-day events making it easy to pass events […]


What happened in August

Summer was in full effect during August. Most of our team took some time off with their friends and family getting that summer sunshine in and charging up. Even though this was more of a vacation month we have managed to push out a new release and make Mobiscroll for Angular final. Angular That’s right, […]


Mobiscroll for Angular Final

Super happy to announce that Mobiscroll for Angular is final and available for download! First of all a big thank you to everyone who helped in beta-testing and reported bugs. We believe that this time around the components are in a great shape. To sum things up, this is what you’ll find in the final […]