New release: Mobiscroll 5.27 with quarter resolution, preventing event overlaps, new empty states and improved drag & drop control

Happy to introduce the public beta of Mobiscroll for Vue, quarter resolution to the timeline view, along with easier validation control, new event connection types, and drag & drop improvements. Mobiscroll for Vue The public beta is out for a couple of weeks now, all v5 demos are available for the Vue version and a […]


New release: Mobiscroll 5.26 with timeline header/footer templating, control over D&D interactions, event drag between instances and to external targets

Happy to introduce a packed 5.26 with new features and improvements. We are adding more customization capabilities to the timeline view with templating headers and footers. Drag & drop has been enhanced by introducing fine-grain control over the interactions on an event, resource and instance level, along with new drag and drop features that allow […]


New release: 5.25 with Vue 3 private beta

Happy to introduce Mobiscroll for Vue. This has been in the works for the past couple of months, currently in private beta, Mobiscroll for Vue 3 covers native Vue components for Mobiscroll 5. Private beta The first step of the launch is a private beta followed by a public beta and then the final/stable release. […]


New release: 5.22 with timeline sidebar & footer and better control over the row heights

Happy to introduce new ways to add rich data to the timeline view, more control over the row heights and other UX improvements. Showing more content through sidebars, headers and footers The timeline is used for scheduling, planning and solving complex logistical problems. Contextual data and means to interact with it is important for a […]