Working with long lists

Something cool is cooking up in our labs.

It is a challenge presenting large amounts of data on mobile devices in a usable way.
One of the things we’re struggling with is working with very long lists. Lots of data can make the interaction with mobiscroll slow, and it degrades the user experience.
Another problem with really long lists is navigation. If you have for instance a thousand records, it is hard to find what you’re looking for. Scrolling through a lot of records is not nice.

EDIT: After coming across the same problem several times plus the with suggestions coming from our users we tried implementing a solution by breaking the list into manageable chunks, and making the search easier.

Take a look at the following video and tell us if you like working with 1000+ names. Because we think this makes it a whole lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

Oh… and it works with other nested lists too.
Stay tuned for more updates, and the release of this feature.

Have you seen our new Rating & Grading Control ? (Now with an Introductory Discount!)

Let us know what you think!

EDIT: We’d like to take the opportunity again to thank our users for the constructive feedback, testing and donations they’re giving. That makes mobiscroll possible!

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  • phila

    YOU came up with the solution?
    I’m sorry, but I distinctly remember sending you an email asking you if you could do this… do I get a mention at all? No, you take the credit all yourselves!
    BAH! That’s the last time I give you a suggestion on how to improve your product – a simple “one of our users requested/suggested”, but you can’t even stretch to that!!!

    In case anyone questions that I suggested it, on 17th July I sent an email to them with the following:
    I’m using Mobiscroll on my PhoneGap apps quite a lot now, and have had a request from someone about a replacement for a tag
    I’ve written my version using Mobiscroll, and it seems to work OK (apart from one issue which I’ll explain later) – what I basically have is a long alphabetical list of items, and to it’s left is an alphabet spinner, selecting a letter takes you to the first item with that letter (or the item on the next letter if none available), and if you select an item then the letter spinner goes to that letter – of course, they could be “+/-” rather than spinners, but it’s the same idea and obviously slower if you have a big list

    Funny how their new functionality that *I* described 6 weeks ago is magically *THEIR* idea!!!

    • kovlex


      Didn’t forget about your email. It was a motivation nonetheless for us to support this as a feature, because you came across this problem too! We had similar problems in other projects and in our earlier Diablo 3 demo as-well. And with your suggestion we pushed it up the list.
      We’re not trying to take credit for the ideas our users suggest, we are trying to make mobiscroll the best control it can be. And that is only possible with your help!

      • Relvis

        Hello, is there an update of this feature?


        • kovlex

          This feature is released.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your excellent system.
    I am really looking forward to this – I have some very long list and were looking for a solution like this one. When do you plan to release it ?

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