What happened in May

New products, a new release and Mobiscroll for Angular 4 in beta. A lot has been shipped last month.

New products: Alerts and Notifications

We introduced two new controls for giving feedback and quickly capturing user input. Alerts are pop-up messages with some tricks up their sleeves, like prompts for quickly getting input, passwords and confirmation dialogs with yes/no actions. Notifications come in form of toasts and snackbars. You can have a short text description with an optional action for the user to take – like undo.

Check out the demos for alerts and notifications.

We open sourced Mobiscroll Forms

We want to help as many developers to create amazing web and mobile apps so we have open sourced Mobiscroll Forms under the Apache 2.0 license. This includes 13 elements that you can use, with Alerts and Notifications as brand new additions.

Check out its own landing page with live examples or grab it from our GitHub repo and NPM. Forms is available for vanilla JS, jQuery, React, Knockout, Angular JS and will be available for Angular 4 as well.

Private beta: Mobiscroll for Angular 4

We went into private beta with Mobiscroll for Angular and are really excited about it! The beta contains components for forms and directives for the various controls that can be used with Angular 2/4 and everything based on it, like Ionic.

Join the private beta right now by getting a pre-release license.

New release: Mobiscroll 3.2

The latest version was released on May 16th. Check out the accompanying blogpost and download it right now. As always, every update is available to customers with an active maintenance for free.

Enjoy summer ☀️

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