What happened in March

Mobiscroll 3.1 was released. You can download it in all of its glory. Some of the major changes that we shipped include ES6 Modules, Local and remote filtering for Select, Flexbox for the Menustrip and the new Page object. You can read all about it in this post.

We made significant progress on Mobiscroll for Angular 2, and are getting really close to the Beta. The release plan looks like this:

  1. Private beta – let us know if you want to be a part of it.
  2. Public beta
  3. Public release

Mobiscroll for Angular 2

Mobiscroll for Angular 2 will feature two modes. You will be able to use the controls as both directives and components. The plan is to launch with directives and have the components follow soon. We chose to tackle directives first since it makes the most sense for usage with other frameworks and tools like Ionic 2, Onsen UI …

Changes to Forms

Something exciting is coming to Forms. We are making progress towards cleaning it up, adding missing features like alerts, notifications and enhancing the styling capabilities. We are exploring possibilities to make it accessible to everyone. Our goal is to offer a goto solution for quickly making great looking forms, no matter how much you know about CSS and what your tech stack looks like. Nobody will hate us for that, right? 😊

Help center

We are working on launching a new Help Center that will address recurring questions and offer tips from the team on how the get the most out of Mobiscroll.

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