What happened in June

Summer is in full effect – at least here in Transylvania – and while we enjoyed ice cream and the sun we pushed out some great things last month.

Mobiscroll for Angular 4 public beta

We have launched the new Angular controls in public beta. Everyone can give it a try through the trial. Resources, documentation, getting started guides and most of the demos went live. We went on about all the details in this post.

Mobiscroll Referral Program

We launched a brand new referral program for our customers. It’s really simple, we are splitting $100 between new and old customers. Our existing customers will get $50 cash paid out and new customers will get $50 off their purchase. We’d like to introduce Mobiscroll to more people and this is a great way for us to reward someone who brings other people on board. Read more about it in this blogpost.

Improved support for Ionic

Ionic controls got much love in the past month and weeks. We are refining the experience for everyone who is looking to use Mobiscroll with Ionic. No matter the version, Angular JS works with Ionic 1 and the new Angular components work with Ionic 2 and 3. We’ve built a simple Kitchen Sink app running live and in Ionic View (ID: 40E23455) and we have added Starter apps for both v1 and v3.

Improving UX through FullStory

There are some tools that we use on a daily basis which are so great that we cannot imagine a world without them. One of those tools is FullStory.
With FullStory we get a playback of what visitors do on our website and helps us support them better, find bugs and learn from their behavior.

There are a number of different ways the recordings can be useful, however we just recently discovered “Dead clicks”. So FullStory can tell us if people click on any item on the webpage, but nothing happens. What does that mean? That means the user expects something to happen, but in fact nothing does. This highlights friction that people encounter and tells us where we need to improve. A pretty good place to find UX flaws!

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