What happened in February

After releasing Mobiscroll 3.0.1 we started focusing and pushing for 3.1. We published content that people really enjoyed, worked on refining the website and online tools, pushed out a new page dedicated to Starter Projects to help with getting up to speed in your favorite framework.

What we’ve been working on

The biggest things to look for in the upcoming version:

  • ES6 Modules: We started supporting module loaders a while ago for our production builds with UMD definitions, but we are moving everything to ES6 modules. Mobiscroll always had a modular build, however it was difficult for developers to figure out how the modules depend on each other. ES6 imports make this very simple and intuitive.
  • Data sources for Mobiscroll Select and built-in filtering: This will make working with local and remote data sources much easier and having the real-time filter for the select that is built in makes for simpler code and happier developers
  • We’ll be shipping a new Page object: It will include generic page styling, set the appropriate paddings/margins and will further simplify the markup. This also marks the beginning of something big we’re working on. Stay tuned!

Stories we’ve written

Last month was great for the content we published. Our posts resonated with a lot of people, got viewed more than 120K times and shared by thousands. These are our stats from Medium.

Btw, if you don’t follow us on Medium, you definitely should, we’ll be posting exclusive content there.

Here are our top 3 stories:

Stay tuned for more things to follow and here’s to a great March. Cheers!

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