Slider, Segmented, Stepper and Progress – Mobiscroll 2.17 Released

Wohooo! Our latest one is out! We’re very happy and excited to let you know, Mobiscroll 2.17 is released.


slider control

Everyone knows how a slider works and what it is for. It lets the user select a value from a continuous or discrete range by moving the indicator to the left or right. It supports single value, multi value and range selection and comes with a highly customizable API. And by highly we mean insanely. Custom steps, values, templates, icons, min & max are just a couple of things that are supported. You’ll have to look hard to find another Slider that can do these things.

See the Slider in Action



Increasing and decreasing single value inputs. May it be by the whole or fractional or virtually any step, the stepper control minimizes mistakes. Supporting disabled state, min & max values. It also enables manual value entry with the keyboard or numpad.

See the Stepper in Action

Segmented Control


As an alternative to the radio button list and the checklist, the segmented control not just saves space it improves the UX on many levels. With single and multi-select it runs above the native HTML radio and checklist elements. Disable certain choices or the full control. Programmatically control its state.

See Segmented in Action

Progress Indicator


A linear progress indicator that gives feedback to the user on the status of a running task. Supporting icons, steps, labels and API for manipulating the view.

See the Progress Indicator in Action

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For the complete Release Notes please see our Release History. Have you already tried Mobiscroll Forms? Let us know in the comment section below.

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