Segmented, Stepper, Slider, Progress and more stuff we’re working on

2015 Q3 update

We’ve been hard at work on new controls and building tools so you can make the most out of what we’re offering. As you may know we are devoted to bring you highly polished tools so you can deliver great apps and experiences to your customers, and with this next installment we’re building on that promise.

There are a couple of new additions to the Mobiscroll family of controls!

Segmented Control

An alternative to the radio button list and a compact way of rendering a fixed number of choices. Each elements acts as a discrete button.


Built to provide an easy to understand interface for increasing and decreasing a single value.


Lets the user select a value from a continuous or discrete range by moving the indicator to the left or right. It support single value, multi value and range selection and comes with a highly customizable API.


A linear progress indicator that gives feedback to the user on the status of a running task. Shipping with an extensive API for icons, steps, labels and values.

Besides preparing the next release we are building new educational content & apps that we’re stoked to share with you.

Mobiscroll for Angular

Since Mobiscroll works with different frameworks, we have been back and forth on how to make learning and using it a breeze in different flavors. We’re happy to announce that Mobiscroll for Angular is the first to get some love.

Mobiscroll Examples

We are about to release our downloadable cross-platform “Mobiscroll Examples” app, making it even easier for you to try, see and share all the new demos and examples offline and in a native environment. The android app is going to hit the Play Store very soon!

Mobile UI Kit

We’ve been working on a couple of style guides that are going to be very useful for cross platform developers and designers and are shipping a number of free resources that will be available for download.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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