Scroller positioning (feature preview)

This is going to make a lot of people happy.

In our current implementation we render the modal scroller in the middle of the screen. There is no easy way to control the positioning.

With an upcoming release we’re introducing two new modes: “bubble” and “docked”.
Because mobiscroll is used on smartphones as well as tablets, these two new modes are perfect fits. Bubble mode is similar to how selects and date pickers are rendered on iPads, and the docked mode is a good fit for smaller screens.

With “bubble” mode your mobiscroll controls don’t loose context. Even if you put down your tablet and pick it up 10 minutes after. It will still be pointing to whatever element you tied it to.
You won’t need to think about positioning issues. Mobiscroll will be smart enough to find the right position and place the scroller.

When using the “docked” mode, mobiscroll will slide up/down from the bottom and the top of your screen being a familiar rendering mode for a lot of users.

Take a look at these two preview videos demonstrating the upcoming rendering modes.

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