Rating & Grading Mobile Scroller

We’re happy to announce the release of our Rating & Grading Scroller.
It is packaged as a preset, and it will be the first in a series of Premium Mobiscroll Plugins.

The new preset works perfectly along-side other mobiscroll presets and it supports every released skin.

What does this mean for mobiscroll?

This doesn’t change anything about mobiscroll. The Core, DateTime and Select Presets plus the themes you all like will remain free, under MIT License. We’re still continuing on making mobiscroll the most awesome scroller control possible.

What is the Rating Scroller for?

It is for rendering a list of possible rating options with Stars/Grades and with or without text. This makes it easy for the mobile user to rate products, services, movies… you name it.


The Rating & Grading scroller comes with a nice list of customization options.

  • You can choose between ‘star’ and ‘grade’ rating styles. This controls the look & feel of the scroll-able items.
  • Besides customizing what values you’d like to display or disable, you can show or hide description text for each row. You can provide something like [‘Very Bad’, ‘Bad’, ‘Okay’, ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’], where each item will correspond to a row.
  • If you choose not to pass in an array of descriptions you still can display the grade besides the stars for making it obvious to the user.
  • You can populate the rating scroller from an HTML select.
  • You can order the list by values ascending or descending.

For a full list of options go to the documentation.

Use cases

We’ve included a few usage examples (Star Rating, Star Rating with Text, Grade Rating, Grade Rating with Text, Star Rating 1-10, Custom Values) on the demo page.

How to get it?

Go to http://download.mobiscroll.com/rating and download it from there.
It will be delivered into you inbox!

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