Referral-program (1)

Introducing the New Mobiscroll Referral Program

We are giving away $100 for every referral and splitting it between existing and new customers. Customers who send people our way get $50 cash after every friend they referred and who purchased, while the new customer will get $50 off of their purchase. We pay out real money The $50 is not store credit […]


Mobiscroll for Angular Public Beta

After a private release, we are happy to announce the Mobiscroll for Angular public beta. We want to thank all of our beta testers who have reported issues and helped us with testing! We really do appreciate it. The Angular integration ships with a combination of components and directives. It is written in TypeScript and […]


What happened in May

New products, a new release and Mobiscroll for Angular 4 in beta. A lot has been shipped last month. New products: Alerts and Notifications We introduced two new controls for giving feedback and quickly capturing user input. Alerts are pop-up messages with some tricks up their sleeves, like prompts for quickly getting input, passwords and […]


New Release: Alert, notification and free forms

Happy to announce Mobiscroll 3.2 with all new controls and big changes for Forms. Providing feedback to users is key to a great user experience. With the two new controls for showing alerts and notifications we are providing the tools for you to do just that. Showing messages or quickly getting user input was possible […]

March-2017 (1)

What happened in March

Mobiscroll 3.1 was released. You can download it in all of its glory. Some of the major changes that we shipped include ES6 Modules, Local and remote filtering for Select, Flexbox for the Menustrip and the new Page object. You can read all about it in this post. We made significant progress on Mobiscroll for […]