New Release: Mobiscroll 3 FINAL

Today, we are happy to share the final Mobiscroll 3.0 release with you! We’ve been hard at work in the last couple of months to iterate and improve on the beta and with your help and feedback we are really happy how it turned out.

Let’s see what is new and why it is a good idea to upgrade to the latest version.

Use it everywhere where Javascript runs

We’ve made it framework agnostic by shipping a Plain JS version, which means you can run Mobiscroll everywhere, where javascript runs. Besides that we want to make the life of developers easier by providing integrated solutions that perfectly fit into their existing workflows and belive that controls for jQuery, Angular, React, Knockout or ASP.NET MVC will help you tremendously to deliver great apps and websites.

All themes in light & dark

All Mobiscroll 3 themes can be built in light and dark versions, including the updated iOS theme. Besides that you can customize the colors with the theme builder, so it’s OK if your app is using a slightly different background because all controls can be tailored to your needs.

Improved iOS theme with 3D scrolling

A big highlight of the new iOS theme, the 3D scroll wheels look and feel like their native counterparts. The only difference is that these are extremely customizable. Learn more…

Infinite & circular wheels

Another big star of the show is the infinite and circular wheels. This means no more scrolling backwards to get from minute 59 to 00. Infinite scrolling also supports load on demand, so working with large data sets is easier than ever.

Improved event handlers

We’ve updated our event handler definitions to be future-proof for upcoming versions and updates. So when we add more parameters it won’t break backward compatibility making upgrading from v3 to v4 … much easier.

UDM: Universal Module Definitions

We have added support for module loaders. UMD definitions are included when downloading packages. AMD and CommonJS syntax is supported, which means you can use it with the likes of Browserify, Webpack and RequireJS.

Brand new color picker

We are shipping a brand new color picker, redesigned from the ground up. Make color selection simple with the new control. Great for single and multiple selection with luminosity refinement capabilities. Learn more…

Usability improvements for desktop users

While the main focus of mobiscroll is usage on touch devices, we’ve improved our responsive controls to perform well on desktop as well. Controls like the calendar, form elements, buttons feature hover effects, which make interacting with them on a non-touch device easier and more human friendly.

Mobiscroll 3 lays the foundation for more great things to come so stay tuned and make sure to give it a try.

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