New Release: ES6 Modules and other goodies in Mobiscroll 3.1

Today we are releasing Mobiscroll 3.1 shipping new features, improvements and bug fixes. Changes have been made in four distinct topics: ES6 modules, data sources & filtering for Select, flexbox in Menustrip and the new page object.

ES6 Modules

Modularity was always at the core of Mobiscroll. Our goal is to ship tools that only pack what you’ll be needing in any particular scenario. For larger projects it was hard to manually manage all the dependencies and files. So ES6 Modules made their way into 3.1. What does this mean? While you were able to use Mobiscroll with module loaders as a single bundled package, you can now use the complete library as modules. Pretty cool, eh? With the Complete license you get all modules as separate files and you can use bundlers like Webpack or Browserify to get what you need on every particular page. Learn more about ES6 modules.

Data sources for Select & filtering

We are introducing data sources for the Select component. This can be local or remote – supporting JSON and JSONP for cross-domain requests. With something as simple as saying filter: true you can enable data filtering for really long lists. It supports both client-side and server-side filtering. Check out a live example and enjoy the simplicity of the API.

Flexbox FTW

There is a new engine under the Menustrip. We’ve simplified the structure which makes working with custom content and markup easier. There are less DOM elements, so less things to style and manage.

Page object

We are introducing the Page object. Simply add mbsc-page to a child div under the body tag and you’ll get a simple page styling with typography, correctly adjusted padding and everything that is needed for a clean page.

This latest release is available for customers with an active maintenance. Ready for download and trial. Learn more about all the new features and bug fixes from the release notes.

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