New release: 5.6 with Timeline, Month-year picker and Multi-date tag input

Timeline support was added with Mobiscroll 5.6 along with a month/year picker grid and a multiple date input. This new view lands in the event calendar that enables horizontal time rendering with resources laid out vertically. Great for managing teams and many resources.


The timeline view is a great solution for managing significantly more resources when compared to the time-grid. While the time-grid performs really well with more columns, however the vertical listing of resources makes navigation and interaction quick and easy to understand.

Drag & drop, event resize, granular control over the time resolution, invalids, templating and everything you know and love about the Mobiscroll event calendar & scheduler works with the timeline view as well.

Timeline view

Check out the timeline vs time-grid example and see the time & scale configuration options. Things like dynamic view change eg. day, week, work-week should be working smoothly. As for customization, the resource template, row height and event templates can be nicely customized.

Month and year picker

The wheel based date picker supported month and year selection form start. With this latest release we’ve added support to the calendar view where users can select a month and a year in a grid format.

Month & year -only picker

Multiple date picker input

We’ve added multiple value support to the Mobiscroll input. The first implementation landed in the multiple date & time picker giving people have control over the individual values rather than just a comma separated list. This will provide a base for future multiple value select components as well.

Multi-date tag input

What’s next

We are working on additional features & refinements for the timeline eg. resource hierarchy and grouping along with built-in timezone support.

For a full list of changes check out the release notes and download the latest version.

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