New release: 5.5 with Resource templates, Time validation & new Select component

Happy to introduce the next version of Mobiscroll with resource templates to customize how the resource headers look, time validation for the date & time picker that makes disabling specific times, ranges and recurring timespans a breeze and the new select component for single and and multiple value selection.

Resource templates

Resource support was launched with 5.3. Since then a number of refinements have been released and now we are adding templating to it. The resource titles are printed onto the event calendar out of the box, but things like images or custom markup can be added starting now. With the new templating capability (for Angular) and custom render functions (for Javascript, jQuery and React), developers are able to customize what information is shown in the resource headers. It works the same way as customizing the event template.

Resource header templates

Time validation

When we launched the date & time picker it included date validation that makes disabling one-time, recurring dates and date ranges possible. With the new time validation capabilities it is possible to disable specific times, time ranges and make them one time occurrences or recurring. This comes in real handy for appointment booking and anywhere where time selection is involved. For more information on the usage check out the documentation.

Time validation

Single and multiple select

Mobiscroll 5 gets the new select component. We are launching with single & multiple select for mobile, desktop with a responsive api and disabled values. It is not as full featured as the v4 version at the moment, but the base functionality is there. If it covers your use-case and you are already on Mobiscroll 5 with the date picker or event calendar you can upgrade to the new select for a consistent look & feel. New features, updates will come in future releases.


What’s next

We’re working on a couple of new features which includes timezone support and the horizontal timeline view for the event calendar. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect:

Upcoming Mobiscroll Timeline view

For a full list of changes check out the release notes and download the latest version.

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