New release: 5.3 with resources for the event calendar and scheduler

Is your calendar becoming too crowded? You need to show many events and people can’t quickly scan to find the events that are related to a specific person or asset? You might want to consider enabling resources in your event calendar.

Resources can be anything from conference rooms, buildings, employees, teammates, vehicles, tools, equipment and so on. Resources live in the same calendar but have their own tracks – columns, and later on rows as well – where associated events are rendered.

This enables a more streamlined user experience if scheduling happens for more than just one thing in the same view. It also helps if scheduling a single event involves more than one asset. A great example is setting up flying lessons that needs two very different resources with very different schedules: an instructor and an aircraft.

Event colors, unavailable times per resource

For every resource you’ll be able to specify a default event color. If the events don’t have specific colors, they will inherit the resource color so that it can be easily spotted. Besides that you can block out time ranges and full days on a resource basis. You will not want to schedule work for someone who is off on that day, or you don’t want to let people book a room which is scheduled for maintenance.

Showing multiple resources with dedicated tracks

Group by day first or resource first

You can group the view by day or by resource first and set the day or days you would like to see.

Group by resource first or day first

Shared events across resources

Events can have none or multiple resources associated. If an event is linked to two resources, that means the event is shared among them. Dragging and dropping events between resources works out of the box, and the resource associated to the event is updated automatically. This can be disabled with custom lifecycle event handlers and custom logic to prevent event overlaps can be added as well.

Events can be shared among resources

Dynamically turn resources on/off

Resources can be dynamically (runtime) added and removed from the calendar.

Dynamically show/hide resources

Resource scheduling defines a new chapter in the Mobiscroll event calendar and it is a big deal because it enables use-cases that were just not possible before or it was very hard to create something that was easy to be used to solve complex scheduling problems across multiple resources.

We have several more updates lined up among which is a horizontal timeline.

Quick links for the Scheduler and Event Calendar

Check out the Scheduler for AngularReactjQueryJavascript

Check out the Event calendar for Angular • React • jQuery • Javascript

For a full list of changes check out the release notes and download the latest version.

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