New release: 5.25 with Vue 3 private beta

Happy to introduce Mobiscroll for Vue. This has been in the works for the past couple of months, currently in private beta, Mobiscroll for Vue 3 covers native Vue components for Mobiscroll 5.

Private beta

The first step of the launch is a private beta followed by a public beta and then the final/stable release. We chose to approach it in stages because we wanted to get it in the hands of customers as soon as possible and also get feedback quickly so that we can refine things and work the rough edges. The private beta comes with all functionality, a partially migrated documentation and only a subset of the hundreds of demos that are currently available for Mobiscroll 5.


Along with the documentation of Mobiscroll for Vue we are updating our infrastructure and are migrating to a more flexible platform from our home grown system. The new docs is based on Docosaurus, and the current version for Vue can be found at

Besides having a solid API documentation, we are redesigning how the content is organized and are writing additional guides that focus on specific building blocks and concepts of Mobiscroll. The goal is to produce content that can be consumed on demand and provides both a 100 mile view and goes in-depth on topics that give you superpowers.

When we have everything figured out and built for Vue, we will be migrating the documentation for the other frameworks (Angular, React, Javascript and jQuery) over to the new platform as well.


We have close to 300 v5 demos at the moment and at the time of writing 113 demos are already available for Vue. We are following an internal ranking to find the best approach and are gradually shipping the Vue demos until we have all of them available.

We provide both Typescript and plain Javascript Single File Component demo codes. Go ahead and give it a look at

Vue license availability

Stand-alone Vue licenses are not available for purchase yet. The private beta is automatically available for the “Complete” license holders, but let us know if there is interest in giving it a go.

The next big step is the public beta when the stand-alone Vue licenses will be available for purchase as well.

What’s next

Besides working on the Vue version of Mobiscroll we have new and exciting things lined up. This includes new features and other infrastructure updates and improvements. It’s going to be a busy summer at Mobiscroll, so stay tuned.

If there is interest in getting onto the private beta list for the Vue version, make sure to reach out to us.

For a full list of changes check out the release notes and download the latest version.

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