New release: 5.1 with work calendar, alert & notification UI

Let’s welcome Mobiscroll 5.1.0 with new alert components and work scheduling.

The event calendar receives recurring exceptions, work week and work hour configuration, control over the all-day section along with bugfixes and improvements.

Setting up a work calendar

One of the core promises of a customizable scheduler is fine-tunig the experience to serve a specific use-case better than generic calendars like google or outlook calendar. A great solution should be able to answer questions like:

  • Do I want to see all days of the week or only days from Mon. – Fri.?
  • Do I want to disable everything outside of 9AM to 5PM or do I want to hide them and make the list shorter?
9AM to 6PM work calendar with recurring lunch break

With this in mind we are introducing a couple of new features:

  • Set up a range of days like Monday to Friday with the help of the startDay and endDay properties
  • Control the display hours with the startTime and endTime properties. Take a look at the demo.
  • Hide the all-day section with the allDay property. Check out example.
  • Block out times, like “Lunch breaks” with a recurring invalid setting. View the demo.
Configure visible days and visible hours
All-day section is hidden from the calendar

Support for recurring exceptions

Recurring rules are powerful tools for setting up repeating tasks without the need to create multiple events. The reality is that sometimes plans change which means that specific occurrences might need to be removed or moved to a new time.

We added built-in support for exceptions in recurring rules. Interactions like deleting, moving or resizing a single occurrence of an event are automatically handled in the background, an exception is added and a new event is created.

Altering one-time occurrence from a recurring set

Play around with the recurring rule generator and see how to add exceptions.

Alerts and notifications

We have added four new ui components to the library for popping notifications and for getting quick input and confirmation from users. The alert, confirm and prompt was added as a modal dialog with the snackbar, which is a notification with a message and an action. This can be useful for letting people know that something happened and providing means for undoing the action if needed.

New confirm, alert, prompt and snackbar with action

What’s coming next?

Besides making the scheduler and event calendar better with every cycle we are making progress towards introducing a redesigned select component in Mobiscroll 5.

Give Mobiscroll 5.1 a go or download the latest version and let us know what you think.

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