New Release: 4.9 with support for Angular Ivy & auto theming

We are rolling out support for Angular 9 and Ivy. Besides that we are also adding a new feature that detects the system theme variant, if it’s light or dark and adapts the UI accordingly.

Supporting Angular Ivy

This has been coming for a while now and with the Angular 9 release being imminent we are happy to support the new compiler and rendering engine. This is kind of a big deal that comes with lots of great improvements but also a lot of problems. Unfortunately for us the requirements for Ivy were not communicated clearly by the Angular team however with some trial and error we were able to make things work. We’ll be publishing a post about what we needed to change in order to get things working.

This means official Angular 9 support 🎉

Dynamically switch between light & dark

Dark themes are officially supported on the major platforms. That means more and more apps are starting to support both light and dark themes. Switching between the two was simple enough, but starting with this release we introduced the themeVariant option with auto-select feature. That means whenever the theme on your system changes, Mobiscroll components adapt accordingly. While major apps are already supporting this, the web is next.

Imagine having your phone switch to the dark theme at night and loading a page with dark text on light background. It’s like someone pointing a flashlight in your face. It’s not only annoying, but it is something users will expect to just work. So be one step ahead of the competition and don’t break the overall user experience.

As always, this release is available for download to all customers who have an active maintenance. You can also update through NPM if that is how you get your libraries.

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