New release: 4.5 with event labels and new calendar systems

We are so happy ship event label support to the calendar along with various other improvements.

The end of the year is here but we have one more thing to do before that. That is to deliver Mobiscroll 4.5 with new features we were working on lately.

Events in labels

By far the most recurring question we had is how to display event data in labels. We had a great responsive calendar on our hands but no ability to display event data that you would expect from a good event calendar. Products you probably use, like Google Calendar or the Calendar app on MacOS default to the month view with the events laid out as labels. So when people compared us to other event calendars they saw how we are different and that we have a beautifully responsive tool but we lacked this major feature.

After the hard work of the dev team it is finally here. You can now display the events as labels and multiple events, multi-day events are fully supported too.

We won’t stop here… this opens doors for more advanced interactions, like drag & drop… so stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile check out this demo and start using the new features today!

Jalali and Hijri calendars

We are introducing two new calendar systems beside the Gregorian calendar. Some of it was already there but not in a good way. For example it was not possible to have a Gregorian calendar with Farsi set as the language.

To solve this we broke out the calendar system into its own setting to make it flexible and configurable. This feature applies to all date-based components, like the Calendar, Range, Date & Time and Event calendar. See the new calendar systems in action.

Plugging leaks

If products are used by millions of people and for a long time, issues that you wound’t usually notice start to creep up. Memory management is one of those things that was problematic in the Angular JS version of Mobiscroll. It turned out that with high intensity usage inside Ionic 1 apps some objects were retained and flooded the available memory. Updating to 4.5 will solve many of the issues that were problematic if apps were used continuously for a number of hours.

To learn more about this release explore the demos, browse the documentation and see the changelog. We can’t wait to hear about what you’ll build with the new tools and components.

As always, this release is available for download to all customers who have an active maintenance. You can also update through NPM if that is how you get your libraries.

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