New Release: 4.0 beta with new navigation, option list and scrollview

Happy to announce that 4.0 just went into beta! It is packing new components, features and it’s laying the groundwork for more great things to come. Read below what’s new.

NEW Navigation

Proud to present the navigation component which covers three navigation patterns you’ll be needing for your apps and websites: Tab navigation, Bottom navigation and Hamburger navigation. We advised against the hamburger menu on multiple occasions because it conceals content and we still stand by it, however it is ok to use it on websites where the main navigation is complex.

Go ahead and give the navigation component a try.

NEW Option list

The option list is similar to the now removed menustrip, however it comes with a more focused API. It is great for rendering scrollable single and multiple select option menus. Use it as an icon only solution or add a label to it.

Try the option list demos.

NEW Scroll view

The scroll view is the goto component for creating horizontally scrollable layouts. It is used in multiple mobiscroll components and provides a convenient API for interacting with view items. Use it for laying out custom content that users can horizontally navigate by scrolling.

Give the scroller a try. See a couple of examples.

UPDATE Calendar overhaul

The calendar based components have been updated and optimized. Changes are effective on the Event Calendar, Range and Calendar components. Week view has been added along the support for marked days in all three components. Upgrading to the new calendar is easy since the API is backward compatible.

We performed a major refactoring because it was hard to introduce new features and refinements. To be the best in-class mobile and desktop calendar this was necessary. Be on the lookout for more updates.

Try the event calendar daily events demo and see the calendar with variable weeks for a more compact rendering.

Angular Components

All controls can now be used as components in Ionic and Angular. While you can still use directives, this makes it super simple to use – let’s say a date picker with a Mobiscroll Form input. You won’t have to create an input separately and add the directive to it, you can simply use the datetime component and everything will work out of the box.

Changes to the open source products: Mobiscroll Forms

Buttons now support eight new color schemes for creating effective call-to-actions and for making elements pop or sink in with the background. Color scheme support will be extended to other elements in future releases. Besides the new color schemes, buttons also received an outline rendering mode.

Let’s welcome the Note component. A simple container for providing inline feedback and notes for users. It supports the newly introduced color schemes.

Since this is a major version update, we took the opportunity to do some cleanup and simplify things. And so a couple of components got removed to make room for better ones.

REMOVED Menustrip

The menustrip component is obsolete starting with 4.0. Three new, more focused components were broken out: Navigation, Option list and the Scroll view. You can still do what you did before the menustrip, but now it’s easier.

REMOVED Rating scroller

The rating scroller was a bit the odd one form the bunch. We decided to remove it and provide a more elegant solution to rating (which will come in the next Mobiscroll 4 release. Bear with us, putting everything together was not an easy task). If you still want to use a scroller UI for rating items, you can do it with the image or scroller components.

Make sure to download the latest version and be on the lookout for the next version coming shortly. As always, this release is available to all customers who have an active maintenance. You can read through the full changelog for all the details.

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