New Release: 4.0 beta 2 with new cards, calendar improvements & more

The second beta for Mobiscroll 4.0 is out. It comes with bug fixes and a new component!


The brand new component provides an easy way to render card layouts and collections with variable content. Use cards to display content composed of different elements, sizes and actions. Use it along along with the other components, like the List view or Scroll view to provide a rich user experience.

Cards are composed of a header, body and footer, however these blocks are not required to be used in every case. Render text, photos, video, images, forms, lists and virtually any content.

Go ahead and give the cards component a try.

Calendar, Event Calendar and Range

Sometimes just showing the days in the calendar does not provide enough information for user to make informed decisions. You now have three settings at your disposal for adding that little extra information. Marked, labels and colors can be used to add colored dots, text and even color the background of the calendar cell. All three settings support exact dates, recurring days and date ranges.

See marked days, color backgrounds and labels in action.

Changes to the open source products: Mobiscroll Forms

Media styling was added. You can use the new CSS classes to render inline, full-width, thumbnail and avatar images along with videos.

See a demo with the available styles.

Shipping improvements and bugfixes

A number of bugs and improvements have been made for the Select, Color, Navigation and Timer components.

As always, this release is available to all customers who have an active maintenance and the new Cards component can be downloaded for free by all active Framework and Complete license holders. Download the latest version and check out the changelog for all details regarding Mobiscroll 4.0 Beta 2.

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