Mobiscroll Theme Builder

One of the greatest advantages using Mobiscroll Components is the capability of theming.

The Problem

You have full control on how each element looks and feels. While developers have the possibility of building a custom theme with CSS, they usually don’t do that because it’s not that straight forward and custom CSS needs to be written.
Our user base consists of all levels of developers so we want to make creating and customizing new themes as simple as possible for everybody.
We started by adding Accents to our Windows Phone Theme. You should be familiar with color accents if your a WP user. There is a limited number of color accents, but it brings variety to theme. Read more about it in this blog post.

The Solution

We took that idea one step further and started developing something cool. We are proud to announce the Mobiscroll Theme Builder.
With the Theme Builder our Supporter & Builder Members will be able to customize the themes and download/use them in their apps and webpages. This makes it easy to keep the design consistent across the application, make it relevant to the brand.

It is currently in active development, but as soon as we feel it’s in a state we’re comfortable releasing it we’ll do it right away.
We are looking forward to a next week (03.11-15) release for the initial version.

Created with the Mobiscroll Theme Builder

The following screens are of Mobiscroll Calendars with custom iOS themes. (All themes were generated by the Theme Builder)

iOS Lime

iOS Pink

iOS Red

iOS Silver

Stay tuned for more info!

EDIT 03/29/2013: More about on how to theme mobile UI components to match your brand and app… Read on

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