Mobiscroll for Angular Public Beta

After a private release, we are happy to announce the Mobiscroll for Angular public beta. We want to thank all of our beta testers who have reported issues and helped us with testing! We really do appreciate it.

The Angular integration ships with a combination of components and directives. It is written in TypeScript and can be used with both Javascript and TypeScript. We decided to tackle the directives first since it is very common that Mobiscroll is used on top of other tools. Frameworks like Ionic provide their own set of form components like the ion-input so we wanted to provide an easy plug-in system which doesn’t really mess up the initial styling of the app.

Mobiscroll Form elements, the Listview and Menustrip already received the component treatment. From the nature of their usage these controls generate content and it really doesn’t make any sense for them to be initialized as directives.

Angular and Ionic

Everything based on Angular, like Ionic Framework will run Mobiscroll. We’ve put together two collections of snippets for using each component with Angular and Ionic.

Angular 2 and Angular 4+

Two separate builds are provided, one for Angular 2 and another for Angular 4 and above. The controls and API are the same – no changes will be required to your code – we just build the resources differently because of some breaking changes between version 2 and 4.

Starter projects

Starter projects are available for both Angular 4 and Ionic 3. These are not just isolated examples. You can download the complete projects and see how to include and use the controls.

Check out a live kitchen sink app in Ionic 3 (this is an actual ionic build running in the browser) that can be downloaded as well.

Demos and Documentation

Almost all demos have been translated to Angular 4. Besides that the documentation has been updates with new examples.

What’s next?

Download and try Mobiscroll for Angular right now and check out the demos with source code. As for what’s next besides getting it ready for the final release we have a couple of things already lined up, like providing components across the whole set, passing settings inline…

Make sure to subscribe for updates and let us know what you think.

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