Mobiscroll for Angular Final

Super happy to announce that Mobiscroll for Angular is final and available for download! First of all a big thank you to everyone who helped in beta-testing and reported bugs. We believe that this time around the components are in a great shape.

To sum things up, this is what you’ll find in the final release of Mobiscroll for Angular:

  • All UI controls and form elements are available as a combination of directives and components
  • TypeScript definitions are available for options, making development a lot easier with IDEs that support auto-suggest
  • Future-proof support for Angular 2 and above, including the stable Angular 4
  • Future-proof support for Ionic 2 and above, including Ionic 3
  • Learning resources containing Angular and Ionic starter apps and an Ionic kitchen sink app are available for download
  • Complete documentation and demos

Building with Ionic?

Ionic is rising not just in the landscape of hybrid app development, but as a focus for Mobiscroll too. We are working towards making the integration with Ionic Framework as smooth as possible. So if you are building with Ionic check out the downloadable Kitchen Sink app (ViewID: 40E23455) and Starter apps.

What’s next?

While Mobiscroll for Angular is stable, it doesn’t stop here. We are planning to release all controls as components – at the moment it is a combination of directives and components, which works really well – and while gearing up for Mobiscroll 4, this is going to get better and better.

Mobiscroll for Angular final was released with version 3.2.4. For a full list of changes, please visit the release notes.

Grab the latest & greatest and let us know what you think.

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