Mobiscroll 2.4 Released

Mobiscroll 2.4 released

Mobiscroll 2.4 got recently released. Here is an overview of what got changed, and what is new.

Rendering the wheels

We changed how we render the scrollable lists.
Instead of using <ul> and <li> elements we enclose the displayed values in <div>s.
This changed a bit how the code generates the lists, but it makes working with the elements easier.

API improvements

‘btn’ parameter is passed to the ‘onClose’ event. ‘set’ or ‘cancel’ is sent depending on which button triggered the onClose. Developers can add separate logic for set and cancel clicks.
‘onClose’ is fired now if the scroller was hidden by clicking the overlay.

Theme improvements

The jQuery Mobile theme received a ‘jqmBorder’ option which controls how the border looks based on swatches.

Rating & Grading Scroller

‘parseValue’ and setting elements from select generated lists were fixed.

Measurement Scrollers

The Distance, Speed, Mass, Force and Temperature scrollers got improved as well.
The components can handle steps > 1. That means if we specify ‘steps’ that are above fractions, it will not display a fractions wheel and will honor the steps in the wholes wheel.
The fraction got infinite scrolling. That means if the user reaches the end of the values, he can continue scrolling from the first value without the need of going backwards to the other end.

jQuery Plugins

Our latest release (v2.4) got added to the jQuery Plugin Registry. We are proud to be the second Suite to appear after jQuery UI.
Go on and check it out in the jQuery Plugin Registry

Get Your hands on the latest

Download Mobiscroll v2.4 components Download
See Mobiscroll v2.4 changelog Changelog
See Mobiscroll v2.4 documentation Documentation

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