Mobiscroll 2.3 released

Mobiscroll 2.3 released

With Mobiscroll 2.3 upon us let’s see what changed, got better and what is new.

Shorthand initialization for mobiscroll components.

Mobiscroll delivering a wide range of functionality, it started to make sense to package the presets into independent components. Rather than being able to customize one control to solve different problems we thought to make it available as different UI components.
It is easier than ever to work with mobiscroll controls with the introduction of shorthand intialization.
Instead of calling the scroller() function and passing the preset as a parameter, you’ll be able to call mobiscroll().datetime() to create a Date & Time Scroller. This goes for all the available components.
If you’re familiar with the mobiscroll parameters and events, you’ll be able to customize all the components for your needs. Our goal is to keep them consistent, but make it insanely simple to get started.

Improving the validation and onChange events

Ensuring a fluid user experience is one of our core goals. Doing work behind the scenes, while the scroll animations are running makes the user experience better. It removes any trace of lag, and makes the users happy.

Tap ahead improvements

Giving feedback to the users is essential for a good UX. The bar is high. There are a lot of awesome apps and products out there. It is not tolerable to have a mediocre and unresponsive UI. The perception of fluidity, speed and instantaneous behavior is shaped by the likes of Apple, Google… With this in mind we enhanced the “tap-ahead” with highlighting the selected value. The are reassuring the user with instant feedback when they tap on a value.

Rating and Grading Scroller

The Rating Scroller received retina images. It looks sharper and sexier on high resolution displays.

Download the Rating Scroller

The Developers

We will be pushing towards enhancing the experience of working with mobiscroll providing easy and fast integration, so you can be awesome at what you do. We are targeting all levels of developers with working components straight out of the box, but also deep customization options for the ones looking for it.
We’ll be tailoring the webpage, documentation an support with easy access in mind. Stay tuned!

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