Mobiscroll 2.2

Mobiscroll 2.2 is here with a bang!

It has been a lot of work to get this one out of the door, but it is packed with all kinds of goodies. Let’s just jump right in and see what is it all about.

New stuff

We’re welcoming two new components:

  • Treelist scroller
  • Image scroller

Treelist Scroller

One of our new UI components. The Treelist Scroller converts un-ordered and ordered lists into hierarchical scrollers.
This comes with endless possibilities and makes it even easier to work with custom data.

Image & Text Scroller

With our Image and Text Scroller component it’s just as simple to create beautiful scrollers with images as putting them into lists.
Prior to 2.2 you were able to create image lists, but only with a custom implementation. Now it’s easier than ever.

Treelist Image & Text

Windows Phone 8 Support

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Support

We can’t say for sure, but we think we are really close to supporting WP8. We tested the components with the emulator and it seems good. Hopefully the devices behave the same way.
Give us a hand in testing and report any issues found in our GitHub issue tracker.

Tap ahead

We added the tap ahead feature for data selection. Select and scroll to any visible value by tapping on it.

New Theme

To celebrate the Windows platform support we have a new skin with two themes to announce.

Windows Phone Windows Phone Light

Other changes and fixes

Optimized mobiscroll

Our internal development team with the help of the community has made great efforts to reduce the size of the code. We’re even better than before and we fit into a much smaller place now.

Anything else?

Rotate knob


We recently launched Mobiscroll Labs. The place for experimental controls.

When we come up with some awesome stuff in our labs, may be from suggestions from the community, things we work on or just a beer infused epiphany, we’ll put it up there for your convenience.

Skeuomorphic Knob

We would really like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the control.

Mobiscroll Support


We provide support to everybody that needs it.
So if you have questions, let us know. You can buy a single support ticket or subscribe and get the Rating scroller for free.
If bugs are holding you up we’ll shift priorities and try to provide an accelerated bugfix, even before the official release.

Get Support

Did you read about our HTML5 audio experiment?

Take a peek at our blog post, and tell us what you think.

Plan to take over the world

So what is our plan?
We like where the Mobile development world is headed. It is looking good, it is looking open and fun.

Our goal is to provide a collection of awesome controls that will help you make awesome apps. It’s more exciting then ever to be a developer, because there is the possibility to build cool things with the technologies you know and love reaching millions of users everywhere. May they be at work, home on the sofa, in their cars, on the subway or just out on the field… it doesn’t matter.
So just go on and build awesome stuff, you have all the tools you need!

Start building better products
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