Mobiscroll 2.16 with Forms and Android Material

We are happy to announce that Mobiscroll is expanding to Forms with the all new 2.16 release.


Mobiscroll Forms

Forms was built to run cross-platform so it adapts with ease to iOS, Android and Windows Phone or you can just use the simple and clean Mobiscroll Theme.

We are offering you an entire toolset that can be tailored to your needs and scenarios. You will build your forms like before with native HTML tags and the mbsc-enhance will take care of the rest.

We are launching with the following elements (more to follow soon…)

  • Text Input (Single & Multi-line)
  • Select Styling
  • Buttons
  • Toggle & Switch Controls
  • Checkbox
  • Radio buttons
  • Typography


Forms is available as part of our Standard, Development and ASP.NET MVC licenses.

Try Forms Now with your Free TrialSee Forms in Action

Android Material


Were you looking for all Mobiscroll controls and elements with Google Material look & feel? Well… from now on you will have the new Android Material Theme which is built to follow the latest Android – Lollipop look with special ink & ripple effects.

We’ve carefully crafted the Material theme for all Mobiscroll controls starting with the widget/frame styling, scroller, calendar and range, numpad, listview including the menustrip, rating and the new forms.

And did we tell you it comes in both light and dark?

See how Mobiscroll looks in new color

New & Improved Theme Builder

unnamedWe have to admit… our theme builder was a little clunky. While you were able to create and customize new themes, its layout was a bit confusing. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with version 2.0 and are pretty happy with it.

One of the major issues was that you had to constantly scroll up & down in order to select a template customize it and then see how it looks with Mobiscroll.

Now we let you to add more screens side-by-side so you can see multiple demos at the same time. Making testing, tweaking and playing a pleasure.

Go and build your Custom Themes Now

For the complete Release Notes please see our Release History. Have you already tried Mobiscroll Forms? Let us know in the comment section below.

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