Mobiscroll 2.14 Released with the new Menustrip

We are happy to announce Mobiscroll 2.14 including the Menustrip, our brand new component!


Mobiscroll Menustrip

A long awaited feature of mobiscroll is horizontal scrolling. We listened, delivered and are proud to unveil the Menustrip with smooth horizontal scrolling.

The Menustrip comes with 3 built-in modes

  • Option List with Multiple Select
  • Scrollable Tabs
  • Horizontal Menu

It supports all Mobiscroll Themes and all 2500+ icons from our Icon Builder, which means you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Learn about the Menustrip See Menustip Demos

Vertical Calendar Scrolling

We received a lot of requests for vertical navigation, and here it goes! As of 2.14, the Calendar supports vertical scrolling. As does the quick month and year picker.

See the Vertical Calendar in Action

Simplified button API

More control over the buttons, their functionality and looks. Introducing pre-defined handlers for generic actions like ‘set’, ‘cancel’, ‘clear’… and custom button classes for more control on the look and feel.

More Icons

unnamed (1)

It is hard to keep up with these new screen sizes and pixel densities. Which means it’s time to change to scalable vector graphics. With the Android Lolipop and Google Material Design covering more and more ground we’re happy to include the Google Material Icons to our Icon Builder bringing it to over 2500 high quality assets.

Enhanced Images

The Mobiscroll Image Scroller got smarter. No need for manual CSS styling or HTML hacking. It automatically enhances image and icon declarations and renders the controls accordingly. Icon packs built with Mobiscroll blend in perfectly with the scroller.

See it in Action

Angular Integration

As Angular is getting better and more popular as day passes, our integration plugins are getting better and smarter as well. With 2.14 the model – view linking, validation gets an angular flavor and is being supported by the ngModel.

For the complete Release Notes please see our Release History. Have you already tried the Menustrip? Let us know in the comment section below.

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