Mobiscroll 2.1 final released

Mobiscroll 2.1 Final

We’re happy to announce the arrival of mobiscroll 2.1 with the following features and bugfixes.

Changelog 2.1



  • Changed: changeWheel function can change more than one wheel at once
  • Added: ‘rtl’ (right to left) option, when set to true the group wheel appears on the right



  • Fixed: input change is triggered after the modal scroller is hidden (form controls are re-enabled)
  • Fixed: added a dw- prefix for animation css classes to prevent naming collision with other libraries
  • Fixed: the width calculation in positioning skips the width of hidden wheels

Datetime preset

  • Fixed: Day names on wheels fixed (if long name contained ‘D’, both short and long names appeared)


  • Fixed: android-ics skin arrows moves the wheel in correct direction

Make sure to download it and update your projects.


Thanks for all the bug reports, fixes and translations.

Where do you use mobiscroll?

If you are using mobiscroll in a cool way, let us know! Send a link and short description on how you use it, and you might get on our featured list.

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