Mobiscroll 2.0 RC2 is out

With Mobiscroll 2.0 RC1 just released last week we’ve been busy fixing bugs, and making mobiscroll even more awesome.
Here is a list of things that got fixed and changed since RC1.

(Note: When updating from earlier versions to 2.0 RC2, don’t forget to always set the preset to whatever you’re using! If you’re building custom wheels, you don’t need to set a preset. The defaulted ‘date’ was removed.
The seconds and ampm options were also removed. Use the timeWheels option instead.

The changelog for 2.0 RC2


  • Removed: ampm option is now removed, see the new timeWheels option instead
  • Removed: seconds option is now removed, see the new timeWheels option instead


  • Changed: preset option no longer defaults to ‘date’, it must be explicitly specified!
  • Changed: wheels option no defaults to empty array () instead of null
  • Changed: valid scroller items now have the class “dw-v” instead of “valid”
  • Changed: in 2.0rc1 days not in month were styled as disabled, like items out of the min/max range. From now on days not in month now have the class “dw-h” which, by default has a hidden style in css.


  • Fixed: Inline mode bug with jQuery Mobile, if it was not on the initial page (Issue 87)
  • Fixed: Select preset was not working in inline mode


  • Added: headerText can accept a function, which must return a string
  • Added: Day of week can be displayed on the scrollers. Use ‘D’ (short names) or ‘DD’ (long names) in the dateOrder options. SampledateOrder value: ‘mmD ddy’ will produce ’05’, ‘Thu 03’, ‘2012’ on the day, month and year wheels. (Issue 65)
  • Added: separator option used by the datetime preset to specify the separator between date and time parts. Default is ‘ ‘. (Issue 86)
  • Added: readonly option, if true, the scroller appears, but cannot be scrolled. Useful if you want to display a nice clock.
  • Added: timeWheels option to show, hide, and format the time related wheels on the scroller. Default is ‘hhiiA’. For the hour wheel use ‘h’, ‘hh’, ‘H’, ‘HH’, for minutes wheel ‘i’ or ‘ii’, for seconds wheel ‘s’ or ‘ss’, for am/pm wheel ‘A’ or ‘a’. E.g. for 24 hour time format with seconds and leading zeroes use ‘HHiiss’. (Issue 85)
  • Added: support for HTML5 date/datetime/datetime-local/month/time input types. If mobiscroll is attached to such an input, the format is forced to follow standard specifications. In the popup header the value is formatted according to the date and timeformat specified by the user. (Issue 70)

We’re very keen about getting to the final release, since really cool things are on the outlook.
Contao CMS will have mobiscroll as an extension, we’re planning to create a package generator where you can customize your download.

To see the release notes for 2.0 RC1 go here.
Download the latest version!

So stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to subscribe.


Thanks for all the support and feedback!

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