Mobiscroll 2.0.3 released

We’re happy to announce the release of mobiscroll 2.0.3 with the following features and bugfixes.

Changelog 2.0.3



  • Added: Support for language files. Controlled from ‘lang’ option. Specify language related default settings and language files.



  • Fixed: ‘clickpick’ mode worked the same way as ‘mixed’ in 2.0.2
  • Fixed: ‘setValue’ was not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Wheels were misaligned on Firefox with ios theme and datetime preset.

Datetime preset

  • Fixed: Time was incorrectly parsed when missing year, month or day wheel.
  • Fixed: Default year value was not set, if outside of startYear and endYear.

Make sure to download from here.

With 2.0.3 out it’s easier than ever to support different languages. Right now you can choose to download additional languages like Hungarian and German. We are asking for your help to translate and send us your language files so we can make it available for download. (Language file explanation and spec to come shortly.)

Ask & Answer questions about mobiscroll on StackOverflow.

Help us test

Help us test the latest release. If you find any issues with mobiscroll, let us know!

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