Mobiscroll 2.0.1 Released

With some time passed since the last release here are some bugfixes. Make sure to download the latest build and update your projects.

The changelog for 2.0.1


  • Fixed: HTML5 min/max attributes propagated to other scrollers
  • Fixed: jQuery Mobile 1.0 compatibility (Issue 95)
  • Fixed: Using values like “1.0”, “2.0”, etc. on custom wheels caused incorrect behavior because they were converted to numbers and became 1, 2, etc.
  • Fixed: fast scrolling caused value loss, if validation changed another wheel value with animation
  • Fixed: when element was created for 3d testing: document.createElement(mod) – mod was undefined
  • Fixed: setValue and getValue was not working correctly with the select preset
  • Fixed: timeWheels option did not modify the order of the wheels


Thanks for all the contributors and backers!

If you have any issues with the control keep the reports coming. We’re trying to make this the best mobile scroller ever!


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  • Hello, I get  an issue about Mobiscroll 2.0.1.
    In demo case: Credit card,
    When Day in July/31, Mobiscroll Can’t select [June],
    When Day in Any month and day 30 or 31, Mobiscroll Can’t select [February],

    • kovlex

      There is no day in the credit card demo 
      Only month and year.
      If you’re not referring to the demo page, can you include a jsFiddle with your code?

      • Thank for you replay. Maybe my expression is not clear…
        You can change the computer date to ‘2012/07/31′,
        Then In mobiscroll demo in:
        Choose Demo: Credit card
        Display: Modal
        And try to select 06/2012, then click [Set]
        That inputbox will return ’07/2012’
        Same when you select 02. 04. 06. 9. 11 in any Year

        • Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce it. We will fix it as soon as possible

    • Fixed in 2.0.2