iOS 9 and Mobiscroll

Apple’s newest operating system iOS 9 was launched to the public on the September 16, 2015.
iOS 9 brings both small and large improvements including many subtle refinements, design changes and improved functionality that make using your iPhone and iPad feel better and get things done faster.

What’s new in iOS 9

We can call the new iOS 9 more intelligent and proactive. The devices that run iOS 9 are able to make suggestions based on the user’s customs and habits. From now on Siri can create contextual reminders and also a new screen with “Siri Suggestions” is available.
Many built-in apps are being improved like new checklists added to Notes and Mail allows for file attachments. The big update brings also public transit directions to Maps and true tablet multitasking.

Mobiscroll fully supports iOS 9

The recent release hasn’t caught us off-guard, our code is 100% compatible with Apple’s latest release. Both the beta version and the final version were tested and we can assure that everything is working without issues with Mobiscroll.
You won’t have to worry about any potential breaking changes that the iOS 9 might bring because we got you covered.


We gathered together a few links detailing the new changes and improvements, compatibility and also the hidden features that iOS 9 brought:

Read in details about changes:


Hidden features:

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