Introducing the Mobiscroll Calendar

Mobiscroll Calendar

If you like the Date & Time Scroller, you’re gonna love this one! But honestly who doesn’t. It was our first component, and it enjoys the most widespread usage to date.

Date & Time on Steroids

We’re introducing the Mobiscroll Calendar! It is a blend of a regular Calendar and the Date & Time Scroller.
It’s like two LEGOs fitting together. You interact with the Calendar the scrollers react to it, you scroll the wheel the Calendar moves.

The Calendar gives the user an overview of the day in week and the month. This makes spotting weekends, holidays and invalid days easy.

The Calendar Component fits on your mobile screen as well as on a tablet. The controls are aware of the orientation and the space, so they re-arrange themselves to fit.

UPDATE (02/13/2013) – Improved Mobiscroll Calendar

And we’re here with an updated and improved Calendar.
The New Calendar Component enjoys the whole range of themes plus bugfixes and new features as follows:

  • Marked Dates – be able to mark specific and recurring dates in the calendar. Mark days of events, occasions, reminders
  • Swipe to navigate between months – this can be turned off, but it’s enabled by default
  • onDayChange event – write custom event handlers for calendar day selection events
  • Calendar inline mode rendering fixes
  • All themes are now supported by the Calendar

Mobiscroll Calendar
Mobiscroll Calendar
Mobiscroll Calendar
Mobiscroll Calendar

Supporter & Builder Members get early access

For now this component is available to our Members only. (Our Supporter & Builder users enjoy first hand access to components even before the official release.)

To see it in action go to

What do you think about the Calendar Component? Let us know in the comment section below.

Would you like to download it before the Official Release?
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