Introducing Mobiscroll Forms

At Mobiscroll we are constantly driven by the desire to innovate. Until now we were devoted to offer solutions mostly to specific problems with our pickers and controls. Our customizable controls help with unique solutions to various challenges, like

  • enabling your customers to book a holiday with the help of the calendar
  • time picking gives them a way to choose an appointment for a service
  • you can receive valuable feedback from your users via quick star and grade rating tools

just to mention a couple.


Based on your feedback and our research we learned that you were either looking for a solution to a specific problem or for an entire toolset that you can use and adapt to your needs and scenarios.

So without any further ado, we’re happy to announce Mobiscroll Forms. With this upcoming release we will be expanding our UI kit with new form elements.

In most apps some kind of data entry is required from the user. What Forms does, it makes them pretty for you. You will be building your forms and pages just like you did before while Mobiscroll enhances them.

Automatically switching the look and feel on different platforms, we’ve got you covered. Your forms will smoothly adapt to iOS, Android, Windows Phone or you can just use the clean and simple Mobiscroll Theme.

Our mission is to offer you a goto place for all your UI needs to build smooth, cross-platform apps and websites and we’re getting one step closer to it.

Let us know what you think, what your struggles are and stay tuned for more about Mobiscroll Forms! Coming shortly to a touchscreen near you.

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