How Vueling uses Mobiscroll

How Vueling uses Mobiscroll

We are tracking down Mobiscroll users to find out how they are using our tools and see what they have built.

Today we’re looking at, the global website for the airline based out of Barcelona, Spain. As a customer centric company, constant improvement is in their DNA. They are always looking for ways to improve and ensure their customers get the best user experience possible.

Vueling is using the Mobiscroll Range in the booking section of their website. The mobile webpage is friendly and personal. Their brand color is visible in all elements and drives consistency.

They solved their Departure and Arrival date picking needs with the Mobiscroll Range. To get the desired result they added two layers of paint to the controls.

  • First they created a custom theme using their brand colors with our Theme Builder.
  • Second they slightly customized the widget by adding airplane icons and updating the Start and End day markers.




You can see the Mobiscroll Range in action on their website. (Try loading it on your phone)

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