Hi RC3, 2.0 Final is just around the corner

We’re one step closer to the final release, but not there yet!

RC3 is out, Final just around the corner.

Most of the readers were expecting the 2.0 final release, but we bumped into a few issues on the way and we learned one or two things.

In RC2 some bugs were introduced that broke the clickpick mode, and some added features were not working as expected.
With those bugs fixed we were pushing towards the final release, but turned out there were some other things that we were missing from what we intended to deliver.
Disabling dates/weekdays/days of months was introduced. This all seemed pretty straight forward, but turned out some things needed re-working. Because of this we decided to release an RC3 instead of final.

From now on we’re going to be more strict on how we handle the deployments. We won’t be adding new features between release candidates, only bugfixes will be included.

With your help we’ll try to get to 2.0 final next week!

This is what changed since RC2


  • Fixed: In clickpick mode minus button had plus button behavior
  • Fixed: In inline mode getValue always returned the initial values
  • Fixed: min/max attributes were incorrectly parsed when using HTML5 time input


  • Added: invalid option for the datetime preset to set dates unselectable. There are three properties to specify dates, all can be used separate or combined. dates is be an array of dates to disable exact dates on the scroller. daysOfWeek is an array with values from 0 to 6,daysOfMonth is an array which accepts numbers (e.g. every month’s 2nd day) or a string in ‘x/y’ format (e.g. 12/24 means every year’s 24th December is disabled). A sample configuration: invalid: { dates: [new Date(2012,5,4), new Date(2012,5,13)], daysOfWeek: [0, 6], daysOfMonth: ['5/1', '12/24', '12/25'] }
  • Added: The select preset automatically disables elements on the scroller if they were disabled in the original html select element


Thanks for your patience and support! Download and test RC3. Report any bugs found, and let’s make the next week release a reality!

Happy scrolling!

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  • Justin Tauber

    Just came across Mobiscroll. It looks great, btw. Thanks, guys.
    Thinking of waiting for 2.0 Final, if it’s only going to be a couple of days.
    How close are you?

  • Jet Chen

    RC2 supports invalid option for days of week and days of month.  However, if today is the last date of the month which is also in the invalid list, RC2 will accept it as a valid date option.

    • Istvan Halmen

      RC2 does not support the ‘invalid’ option. Download 2.0 Final: http://download.mobiscroll.com

      • Jet Chen

        I was talking about RC3.  Thanks for your remind.

  • Jet Chen

    RC3 supports invalid option for days of week and days of month.  However, if the days from  today to the end of month are all invalid, RC3 will accept the last date of the month as a valid date even actually it is an invalid date.

    • Istvan Halmen

      Like I said: use 2.0 final, it is fixed there

      • Jet Chen

        Unfortunately, it is not fixed on 2.0 final but uses first date of current month instead.  I think it should jump to the first valid date in next month, but it isn’t.

  • downpour

    Just a little thing, I tried using Mobiscroll with a project I’m working on, that also uses jQuery Mobile and iScrollView, but had a few issues.

    I’m not sure if it’s a problem with Mobiscroll or iScrollView, but dragging the rollers on a Mobiscroll datepicker, causes the containing div itself to scroll, as well as the roller.

    I have a feeling this might also happen if the date picker was inside a div with standard overflow:scroll/auto. But I haven’t had a chance to test it.

  • Acpan22

    Hi, Thanks for the fantastic work!

    Looking at the DateTime Scroller, i am thinking is it possible to have a DateDate scroller,
    for the purpose of setting Date From and Date To at one go. 

    Because we need to minimize data input for mobile device due to its small screen,
    so having one DateDate scroller  for “Date From” and “Date To” would be very useful. 

    Keep up the great work, you are the best!