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New release: 4.6 with fixed event calendar, better listview, typescript for react and dynamic options for angular

I am happy to announce version 4.6 with new features for the event calendar, listview and Mobiscroll for Angular and React. Fixed calendar with scrolling event list Week-view calendar with schedule, month-view with monthly schedule… Depending on the context this is a pretty common scenario. You see a calendar at the top and the list […]


New release: 4.1 with Event calendar schedule

While Mobiscroll 4.0 was released a couple of weeks ago, I am proud to announce 4.1. We are working really hard to get you the best-in-class components for mobile and desktop. The highlight of the latest version is the Event Calendar. We learned a lot about how you are using the Event calendar, what you […]


New Release: Mobiscroll 4.0 Final

After almost four months of continuous building, fixing and improving though three beta releases the final version of Mobiscroll 4 is here. I am going to walk through everything that is new since Mobiscroll 3.2.6. If you are interested in only the changes from beta-3 to final, you can take a look at the release […]


New release: 4.0 beta 3 with new rating control

We are closing in on the final release with version 4.0 beta 3, shipping several improvements, fixes and new functionality. Calendar, Event Calendar and Range We have added proper keyboard navigation and improved accessibility, pushed everything up to date with standards. Besides that the Event calendar received all-day events making it easy to pass events […]