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New release: 5.0 beta 4 with date and time range

Mobiscroll 5 beta 4 is out and it comes with a new date and time range picker. Previously we introduced the date picker that includes both the scrollers and calendar. After single, multiple value selection we are adding range selection for date and time. Part of a bigger picture We decided to keep it under […]

Mobiscroll Beta3

New release: 5.0 beta 3 with date & time and iOS 14 styling

Happy to announce the third beta for Mobiscroll 5! We are shipping a new date picker which is a consolidation of the scroller, dropdown and calendar components. Calendar and scrollers together Instead of having separate components with different approaches to picking dates and times we are introducing the new date picker that includes the calendar […]


New release: 5.0 beta 2 with event & header customization

We’ve just shipped the second beta for Mobiscroll 5 with fixes and new capabilities. It tackles two main topics: customizing events and customizing the header, so let’s jump in. All three components – the Calendar, Scheduler and Agenda – come with a predefined way of displaying events. While theming enables some degree of customization, how […]


New release: 5.0 beta 1 with Scheduler component

We are super excited to finally share what we’ve been working on for a while. Happy to unveil the brand new scheduler component and much more with the Mobiscroll 5 beta 1. We’ve been building up to the scheduler for some time. It was somewhat a crucial piece of the puzzle that was missing from […]


New release: 4.10 with advanced Sass and numpad freeform entry

We are rolling out advanced styling capability with Sass along with freeform entry for the numpad and more customization for the calendars through new events. Advanced styling with Sass More variables, more control. We went and exposed a number of variables that were there but could only be influenced by changing the theme or overriding […]


New Release: 4.8 with stand alone form components

Happy to announce 4.8 with stand-alone form components that enables the usage of elements like inputs, switches, checkboxes without the need of wrapping them into an actual form. When we first released forms back in 2015 we wanted to make the usage as simple as possible. The initial approach was to wrap plain inputs, dropdowns, […]


New release: 4.6 with fixed event calendar, better listview, typescript for react and dynamic options for angular

I am happy to announce version 4.6 with new features for the event calendar, listview and Mobiscroll for Angular and React. Fixed calendar with scrolling event list Week-view calendar with schedule, month-view with monthly schedule… Depending on the context this is a pretty common scenario. You see a calendar at the top and the list […]