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Mobiscroll and HTML5 Inputs

Form controls might not be that exciting, but we come across them every day. With the new HTML5 inputs specified in the W3C Working Draft, and browsers implementing it, working with dates and times got a whole lot easier. Starting from 2.0 Mobiscroll supports these input types. Even if there are only a few browsers […]

Hi RC3, 2.0 Final is just around the corner

We’re one step closer to the final release, but not there yet! Most of the readers were expecting the 2.0 final release, but we bumped into a few issues on the way and we learned one or two things. In RC2 some bugs were introduced that broke the clickpick mode, and some added features were […]

Mobiscroll 2.0 RC2 is out

With Mobiscroll 2.0 RC1 just released last week we’ve been busy fixing bugs, and making mobiscroll even more awesome. Here is a list of things that got fixed and changed since RC1. (Note: When updating from earlier versions to 2.0 RC2, don’t forget to always set the preset to whatever you’re using! If you’re building […]

jQuery Mobile theme integration

With 2.0 RC1 released we created a jQuery mobile theme. This is not just a static theme, but it changes based on your jQuery Mobile swatches. If you build applications using jQuery Mobile, you probably are familiar with the ThemeRoller. For the default setup we have used a combination of swatches for the control elements. […]

Mobiscroll 2.0 RC1

Hi Everyone! This will be the first post on the mobiscroll blog, and we’re gonna start with the anticipated 2.0 release. We were really busy working on the new version of mobiscroll which will be the most packed release yet! After seeing how mobiscroll is being used, we’ve been thinking about how we can make […]