An apology

Hello everybody.

Yesterday evening was a bad one for our mailer service.
We were supposed to send out a brief reminder about the welcome coupon expiry. We automated this task, so everybody can get it in the right time.

Everything seemed to be fine up until yesterday 5PM UTC.
For those who’re interested we run a scheduled hourly task checking which users have their unused coupons expire soon. We started offering these recently, so we had a long list of users that were due in the upcoming days, which resulted in a large list.

Long story short, it hosed up our system, and the email addresses got in the queue more than just one time. Thankfully to the Mandrill Backlog System (Not sure if you noticed, but we moved our notification system to Mandrill…), the emails were not sent out all at once, but every one or two hours.

Some of you may feel that this was on purpose, and that we wanted to be pushy, but that is not the case.
It was a mistake, we didn’t test with such large lists, and we’re sorry for it.

We learned a couple of things, and hopefully it will be to our best to provide you with a better service.

For those who were affected and feel that we’ve abused their trust please email and we’ll extend your Membership with 2 months. That’s the least we can do.

Thanks, and Happy Scrolling!

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