5 Calendar apps you shouldn’t miss

CalendarNo matter if you are looking for ways to boost your productivity or if you’re building your next app on top of a calendar. Here are five calendar based apps that you should check out.
It is not just about pretty visuals, and nice animations. The gain is using a productivity app is to make your life better.

From ways to manage your finances to innovative UI, these apps are becoming more intelligent and functional with every day that passes.

1. Peek Calendar

If you ever used or seen the Peek Calendar, probably the first thing that will pop into your mind is “clean minimalism”. It is clean, straight forward and to the point.
Some might argue that it’s too much, others might say it’s a collection of iOS human interface guidelines squeezed into an app with heavy gesture usage. However there are things that we can learn from it.

Using pretty colors is not enough for a great experience, but for Peek it helps by taking it further. Everything is built around the calendar. Besides that most of the great gestures that the developers built in are right on the spot while other do impress nonetheless.
Just try the shading gesture (HINT: cup your hand over the top to reveal the time). It is pretty cool!

Peek App

2. Dollarbird

One of my favorite apps from the list is not a Calendar app where you enter you meetings and such. It is an app based on the Calendar as a means for personal finance management.
When you fire it up, the first thing you see is how your balance is changing throughout the month illustrated beautifully. Accounting for income and expenses, tracking how much money do you have left in your pocket and how much you can spend was never easier. It’s a delight to use.
At the time of publication the Android app launched, what you should probably check out.

Dollarbird App

3. Fantastical 2

The Swiss Army Knife of Calendar apps. Robust and comes with all the features you need for managing your life.
The UI is pretty slick. It’s fast, friendly and flexible. What stands out is how you can browse and navigate the days, if it’s a month view or a DayTicker you can always get conveniently to the day you are looking for.
Oh, and did you know you can dictate new events and reminders?

Fantastical 2

4. Sunrise Calendar

Launched last year, Sunrise is more on the lightweight side which is a good thing. The interface is not heavy and cramped.
As the previous mention, Sunrise comes with a compact view as well. The phones have a limited screen real estate so rendering a component that doesn’t take up one half of the screen is pretty useful.
This app is really to the point and knows how to present only what you need, when you need it and nothing more.

sunrise cal

5. Sol Calendar

Looking for a Calendar that tells you the weather? Look no further… you will get that here, and not just.
Managing meetings, events and syncing it with you Google Calendar is just a couple of things that Sol Calendar does and it is good at it!
Staying on top of things was never easier. Changing between Month, Day, Agenda and different Calendars is easy as a breeze.
The Calendar with flexible layout, filling the whole screen looks good on any screen size. Knowing how fragmented the Android market is, having a layout which adapts accordingly is necessary.

Sol Calendar

Mobiscroll TODO Demo App

Not included in the list because it’s not a packaged application. But since the list is here to inspire you, you’re welcome to check out this simple Calendar based TODO List demo.
You can see how it was built in this tutorial.

Todo App

Let us know if we missed something or your thoughts about these apps if you’re using them in the comment section below.

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