Time input

Time input on mobile

We are scheduling tasks, working with time fields on a daily basis. Need to set up a meeting, schedule a pick-up or plan for next week? Time entry is involved. If we think about time in a purely technical way, it boils down to a sum of ticks or an object with an hour, minute, […]


Introducing the new and updated UI for iOS

We are proud to announce our updated UI control suite for iOS. We are helping developers enrich their products with premium, high quality controls and to meet the ever growing customer demands they are facing. With everything moving so fast you need to keep your products up to date with new platform developments. We believe […]


UI for single value selection

Using a dropdown for every single value select is just lazy. You end up with bloated, long forms and a disastrous UX. You’ll bring pain and agony into the user’s life and make the whole experience tedious. Nobody likes to fill out forms, and nobody likes long, monotonous processes. Luke Wroblewski writes about why Dropdowns […]

Tabs in mobile apps | UI Pattern

Tabs in mobile apps

Tabs help organize content on a high level and makes it easy for the users to figure out navigation. It has to communicate relationship and context. It provides an elegant solution to the age-old problem of navigation plus it can also segment data based on a given criteria. In both cases it has to: Show […]