The UI and UX of rating content on mobile

You want to let users democratically decide which content is better, which products are worth while and let them rank items in a way meaningful for them. This gets back to empowering users and letting them use the content in a natural way. When rating content, you might be doing it for yourself or for […]


Put value first with Lazy Signup

Setting up for a new service requires work. Even entering your email and hitting a button is work. It would be great to have everything magically set up, but we’re not there yet. Try an app or service requires mental effort from the user. If there is too much work needed, people will give up […]


Password fields

Passwords are pretty straight forward. Just ask for it and stick another field for the user to confirm. Don’t forget to require some obscure logic to have lowercase characters, at least 3 uppercase and 5 special characters while also being meaningful, since all the gibberish can be easily cracked by brute force algorithms. Oh and […]


UI for Favorites

Wanting to remember things is very human. We want to know what we saw and where we saw it. This goes back way before computers or mobile and we solved it many different ways before. Starting with writing on walls to carving in wood to putting it down on a napkin or on a post-it […]


15 tips for building better products

We’re in it to build better products for our customers and make their lives better. What makes certain products stand out? There is no easy answer… There is also no single way to build a successful product, so here are 15 tips – in no particular order – for building better products. Lower the cognitive […]